St. Louis Cathedral, Versailles

Discover the Cathedral of St. Louis of Versailles and visit this magnificent monument during your trip to Francia. La church is one of the tourist attractions of Versailles and was built in 1740 by Louis XV. She is super beautiful and charming, both inside and out. If you have more time in Versailles, be sure to visit its Cathedral of St. Louis.

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  • St.
  • Louis Cathedral in Versailles was originally a simple chapel intended to be the southern wing of Our Lady of Versailles.
  • But in 1740.
  • King Louis XV decided to turn it into a church to be built in front of the chapel.
  • The church officially became a cathedral after the French Revolution and hosted several important events.
  • Such as the sermon of the Jeu de Paume and the opening ceremony of Pope Pius VII on January 3.
  • 1805.
  • During the coronation ceremony of Napoleon I.

Designed by Jacques Hardouin-Mansart de Sagonne, St. Louis Cathedral of Versailles has been a historical monument inscribed since 1906. It has a bulb-shaped dome that extends 65 meters high. The exterior of the church is more classic, while the interior is more baroque The great organ of the interior of the church was inaugurated in June 1762.

Thanks to the royal support that motivated its construction, the Church of St. Louis of Versailles, today cathedral, was able to benefit from a rich collection of works of art, some of which dispersed during the French Revolution and then returned to the site in the nineteenth century. . The paintings depict biblical scenes by contemporary artists who worked on the restoration of the cathedral.

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