2-day itinerary in Salta

Discover a 2-day itinerary in Salta, a beautiful city in northwestern Argentina, located near the Andes Mountains, in the so-called Lerma Valley, surrounded by forests and green mountains, and is also famous for its history.from the Inca Empire that inhabited the region to colonial times, since the city was founded in 1582.There are several things to do in the city, but since you will only be there 2 days, you need to know the main attractions.Discover below a 2-day itinerary in Salta to make the most of your trip.

And if you plan to go, be sure to review the essential tips to save a lot on your trip to Argentina, these are very good tips that are worth it and will save you a lot in planning your trip and Your trip to Argentina will be cheaper than you thought and you can enjoy your trip even more. Now check out everything in a 2-day itinerary in Salta.

  • Start your tour in the heart of the city: Plaza 9 de Julho.
  • One of the hallmarks of this Argentine city.
  • Is a beautiful place to hang out and take pictures.
  • Around it are the Cabildo and the Cathedral of Salta.
  • Two important tourist spots that are Cabildo.
  • Was the seat of municipal power during the colonization era and is a place known for its beautiful architecture The Cathedral of Salta is a church built in the 19th century and that contains the ashes of General San Martín Miguel de Güemes.
  • One of the heroes of the country’s independence.
  • That is why he is one of the most important (and beautiful) churches in Latin America.

Then, visit the Alta Monta’a Archeology Museum, also located in Plaza de Julho 9, so it has great cultural importance for the city, and your visit is very interesting.The Alta Monta’a Archeology Museum contains several Inca treasures. civilization, such as the famous mummies of Inca children sacrificed thousands of years ago. To enter the museum, it is necessary to pay an entrance fee of 80 Argentine pesos.

At lunchtime we recommend going to the restaurant La Criollita, near Plaza 9 de Julho, the place specializes in empanadas, which are considered by many as the best in the city, have a crispy pasta and various types of filling to choose from.you can accompany your empanada with a local beer. His address is Calle Zuvira, 306.

Three blocks from Julho Square 9 is San Martín Park, has ample green space, benches to relax, a lake with animals and pedal boats, plus on Sundays there is a craft fair, where you can buy good Salta souvenirs and local handicrafts.In front of Plaza San Martín, there is a cable car that takes you to Cerro San Bernardo, a hill that is the highest view of the city, from where it is possible to have a unique view of everything In addition, there are monuments, cafes, gardens and souvenir shops.It is possible to walk or drive to El Cerro San Bernardo, but the most interesting option is to go by cable car.The trip, counting the ascent and descent, costs 110 Argentine pesos.

Despite being small, Salta has a lively nightlife, so it’s worth s going out at night during your trip, we recommend you get to know the peas, bars where typical music shows are held with singers and local bands, ranging from the quietest places.to the most lively, most of them located on Balcarce Street, but the most famous and traditional, La Casona del Molino, is located on Luis Burela street, if you are going to eat there we recommend that you arrive later, mainly to see the There you can eat pieces of meat, which are made on the grill, or order the famous empanadas , accompanied by a good wine.If you want to know more about where to go at night, read the article about the salt bars.

The Train to the Clouds, is a tourist train that travels about 200 km through the Andes Mountains and crosses spectacular landscapes, from green hills to Andean deserts, you should definitely make your two-day tour in Salta.The journey begins in Salta (1200 meters high) and ends at Viaduto La Polvorilla (4220 meters).It is one of the three highest trains in the world, and in some sections passengers may see clouds under the train.Has the Clouds moves at a speed of 35 km/h, ideal for those who want to photograph or enjoy the landscape. During the tour, you’ll have background music on the train, flight attendants, movies and a restaurant. You can choose to make the entire train journey, which costs 1590 Argentine pesos, but you will have to go alone to the city of San Antonio de los Cobres, or close a tour from Salta and take the bus by the circuit, the latter costs 2,570 Argentine pesos.

Because Salta is the largest city in its province and the closest to the Andean indigenous peoples, it is an important exhibition center for the country’s handicrafts, so be sure to take home original souvenirs from Salta. handicrafts is the Artisan Market, located on Avenida San Martín. In this 18th century mansion, artisans sell leather, metal, and looms with animal threads.

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Now that you’ve seen it all on a 2-day itinerary in Salta, a good tip for those who go to Argentina to visit cities other than Buenos Aires is that, as sites, cities, natural parks, deserts, outlets and all the attractions are away, renting a car is a great option, not to mention that with a car you can discover other Argentine cities that are nearby , walk your paths that are beautiful and the natural landscapes and landscapes of the road that are amazing.Learn all about this here when it comes to car rental in Argentina with amazing tips and how to get an amazing price using great price comparators.

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