5 top vineyards, mendoza

Those who do not know much about wines but want to enjoy the delights that are produced in Mendoza, can choose to visit the most famous vineyards of the city, there are dozens of vineyards in the Mendoza region and many are considered the best vineyards in the city.but here we have separated a list of five that are the most famous in Mendoza.

And if you plan to go there, don’t forget to check out the essential tips to save a lot on your trip to Argentina, these are very good tips that are worthwhile and will save you a lot in planning your trip.travel and stay. Your trip to Argentina will cost you cheaper than you thought and you can enjoy your trip even more.Discover now the 5 most famous vineyards in Mendoza.

  • Considered one of the 5 best vineyards in Mendoza.
  • Slentein loves for its charming architecture.
  • Built with natural materials.
  • Respecting the land and customs of Andean culture.
  • As well as several facilities for fermentation and storage of wine.
  • Which are accompanied by detailed explanations.
  • There is also a museum of modern art.
  • The value of the group tour includes guided tour.
  • Tasting and access to the art gallery.
  • Bodega Salentein features a wine bar.
  • Restaurant and inn.
  • Lunch has a daily menu with a dessert drink for lunch.
  • And can reach 650 pesos with meals accompanied by Salentein wines.
  • The menu consists of the best regional and international dishes.
  • Prepared with culinary techniques such as mud oven and roast.

Bodega Andeluna Cellars was created in 2003 by American Ward Lay, in love with Argentina.The winery compares to the best in the world, as the tour is organized, professional and informative, the service is impeccable and the landscape of the vineyards is lush.The Andeluna Group is present in more than 30 countries and is a reference in the quality of wine.There is also a restaurant on site. It is prepared in an open kitchen and visitors can appreciate the preparation of traditional Argentinian dishes.the 6-course menu with Andeluna wines.

The winery Catena Zapata was founded in 1898 and the first grapes were planted in 1902, being recognized as a pioneer in planting the Malbec lineage in the heights, to this day it is the Zapata family that maintains the production of the winery, with a wine production recognized and recognized worldwide and one of the most sought after bottles in Argentina.The tour is very informative and the architecture of the place is unique. The pyramid-shaped building is inspired by Mayan architecture and offers panoramic views of the vineyards.The price of visiting the winery without tasting is more economical.

A Bodega Chandon e seus espumantes possuem fama e reconhecimento internacional, sendo uma das vinícolas mais famosas de Mendoza e do mundo. Ela foi a primeira filial da Moet & Chandon fora da França. Sua visita é uma ótima opção se você gosta de vinícolas maiores, de produção em grande escala (já que são produzidas mais de 6 milhões de garrafas por ano). A bodega é bonita e possui um jardim muito charmoso. Ela possui o bistre Chandon que oferece refeições e bebidas. O valor é alto, mas se você quer apenas conferir a propriedade, ele fica menor.

Bodega Trapiche has its wine brand present in 80 countries around the world and has received several awards, one of the best in Mendoza, had been abandoned and revitalized in 2006, retaining its original characteristics of 1912, a differential of this structure.is the tasting room, where the glass floors allow the view to the ground floor. The tour includes a tour of the winery, recounting historical facts and explaining the production of the wine. In addition, there is an area that functions as a museum, with Machines of the century still in operation.The wine cellar also has a restaurant for meals.Lunch at Espacio Trapiche, the restaurant of Bodega Trapiche, is very popular with visitors, the presentation of the dishes is excellent and the taste is special, since the dishes are made with fresh and tasty products collected in the orchard and in the winery farm..

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