Argentina’s main tourist cities

Discover the main tourist cities of Argentina. A few hours from Brazil, Argentina has several legal cities to visit and we will list them here. We have separated six of the most famous cities, with more to do and more visited by Brazilians. You’ll see a bit of each of them, and they’re all worth visiting, if possible. Discover the main tourist cities of Argentina below.

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  • Buenos Aires is our first tip for a tourist city in Argentina.
  • And it is simply incredible.
  • The city.
  • Considered the most European in Latin America.
  • Is quite large and is considered a tourist metropolis (as expected.
  • It is one of the most sought after by Brazilians) Buenos Aires is the birthplace of Tango and its shows are one of the biggest attractions.
  • Among the most interesting tourist sites are the Casa Rosada.
  • Seat of the government.
  • The district of La Boca.
  • Where Caminito is located.
  • This small street with colored houses.
  • And the Obelisk.
  • For example.
  • Buenos Aires is full of attractions and you can eat the famous Argentine empanadas.
  • A delicious typical cuisine of the region.

Cordoba is the second largest city in the country, there you can visit the Mercado de La Ciudad, where you can enjoy typical dishes, drink wine in one of the restaurants and go to the shops to buy souvenirs in Plaza San Martín, which is the heart of Cordoba and there is a lot of commerce around, the Cathedral of Cordoba, which is a beautiful religious building of the eighteenth century , and the Palace of Justice, which is across the street from Plaza 6 in Julho. Another highlight of the city is its nightlife, it is a university neighborhood, so there are many young people who like to enjoy the night.

Going to Bariloche is the dream of many Brazilians. This city is located in the northwest of Patagonia, and you will find the best ski resorts in South America. The high season of the city is in the winter, when it is filled with tourists staying in hotels near the seasons. Ski. Even if you don’t like sport so much and travel more to Bariloche for the snow, you end up getting interested, learning and falling in love with skiing. The photos of this trip to the white landscapes are very beautiful. Taking the cable car is also a really great experience.

Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world, that is, the southernmost city on our planet, considered the last before Antarctica. In fact, the city is famous because from there cruise ships and expeditions depart to what is one of the coldest regions on the planet. Ushuaia also has a ski resort and, despite its small size, offers good accommodation options, commerce and tourist agencies. Without a doubt, the landscape of the famous city at the end of the world is spectacular, full of mountains, forests, rivers and lakes.

The city of Salta has a strong colonial heritage that can be found in its buildings and streets. It is located in an area where the deserts of red earth meet the Andean valleys, snowy and lakes, so it is a place like no other in Argentina. The place, located a thousand meters above sea level, has a strong culture, and you can see dances, music and very typical dishes always shown to tourists. If you want to go out at night, most of the restaurants are located on Rua Balcarce, and Plaza 9 de Julio is a famous tourist spot.

Mendoza is our last advice for a tourist town in Argentina, it is next to the Andes, that is, in the middle of the desert, however it is a great place to visit, mainly for its famous vineyards, which produce delicious Argentine wines. You can tour, see the production and enjoy the drinks. Mendoza has several good restaurants, breweries, plazas, museums and hotels. The city also offers visitors the opportunity to practice extreme sports, such as climbing and rafting in the Andes. and snowboarding and skiing in the stations that exist there.

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