Caves to buy wine in Mendoza

Mendoza is famous for its magnificent and extensive vineyards, which produce wonderful wines, but also sparkling wines of the highest quality.There are several wineries that produce sparkling wines, some of which are recognized all over the world, and here are some.below are the best vineyards to buy sparkling wine in Mendoza:

And if you plan to go there, don’t forget to check out the essential tips to save a lot on your trip to Argentina, they are very good tips that are worthwhile and will save you a lot in planning your and stay. Your trip to Argentina will cost you cheaper than you thought and you can enjoy your trip even more.Now learn all about the vineyards to buy sparkling wine in Mendoza.

  • The Chandon Winery and its sparkling wines are internationally renowned and recognized.
  • It was the first Moet subsidiary.

Located near the Andes Mountains, Bodega Séptima is one of the best to buy sparkling wines. You can enjoy various labels of sparkling wines as well as Argentine wines in an atmosphere of beautiful and traditional architecture. Its space impresses with its size, as it has the capacity to reserve more than 3 million bottles. A differential proposed by the Seventh winery is that visits can be made in the afternoon / night, to spend the afternoon watching the sunset in the mountains of the Cordillera while tasting a good wine.Maria restaurant, with lunches, and the price paid includes visit to the winery and tasting.

One of the best rated wines from Mendoza, Cruzat offers world-class sparkling wines, plus a very interesting view, there is even a tour where you are allowed to assemble your own bottle, it is worth visiting because, as the winery focuses on sparkling wines, its method of elaboration is very different from that of wines, there is tasting and the service is very friendly inside In addition, it is not a very long route, because the winery is not very large, but more artisanal.One of the best vineyards in Mendoza! The winery manages to have a high quality using effervescence as a method and focusing on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Another tip of the winery that serves sparkling products is Dante Robino, a winery with a hundred years of history, which offers guided tours and tastings that can be accompanied by cheeses, meats and other snacks.The tour includes a tour of the underground cellar and modern visitor center, and you can drink sparkling wines directly from the reservoir, discovering the benefits of production.

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