Sarmiento Frigate Ship Museum in Buenos Aires

Discover the Fragata Sarmiento Ship Museum, in Buenos Aires. Find out all about the history, what to see and visit this different museum in the Argentine capital. Anchored at Breakwater 3 in Puerto Madero, the ARA Presidente Sarmiento is a historic Argentine ship and one of the last school ships from the late 19th century that still remains intact. After retiring from the navy, this frigate began to house a museum that talks about its missions and travels. See below for more location information.

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  • The ARA Presidente Sarmiento (named after the seventh president of Argentina) was built in England between 1893 and 98 to serve as a naval company for naval waters.
  • Considered one of the most modern ships of the time.
  • The frigate arrived in Buenos Aires in September of 1898.
  • And.
  • Until 1939.
  • Made 37 trips around the world.
  • Traveling more than 2 million kilometers.
  • During these 41 years.
  • The ship has received several illustrious visitors.
  • Such as European kings.
  • Who participated in the inauguration of the Panama Canal.
  • The coronation of King Edward VII of the United Kingdom and represented the country in the centennial celebrations of Mexican independence.
  • For example.

From 1939, the ship ceased to make international trips and became used for naval training in Argentina itself, until in 1961, when the frigate Sarmiento ceased to be used for naval purposes, in 62 it was declared a National Historic Monument. and, two years later, it became a museum on the Dique River in Buenos Aires.

Inside the frigate Sarmeinto, visitors will discover how the sailors lived there, in addition they will also be able to see the different environments of the ship (which, by the way, is very well maintained), such as the engine room, the halls and kitchen, for example, weapons that were used, sailor clothes, old lifeboats, reported travel objects, such as a stone of the Great Wall of China , documents of the ship’s passing places, paintings, among others. It is a very interesting and very different circuit, so it is worth including it in your itinerary in Buenos Aires.

The Frigate Sarmiento is open from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm the only exception is on rainy days, since in this case the boat is closed for safety reasons, this different museum is anchored on the River Dique in Puerto Madero. it is located south of the Puente de La Mujer and behind Plaza de Mayo, that is, the boat is located in a very central area and surrounded by important tourist sites of Buenos Aires. Metro Mayo, blue A-blue line, and walk 850 meters to the boat. Admission to the Sarmiento Frigate Museum costs 10 pesos.

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