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Find out how to use the shuttle service in Mendoza and save a lot. Transfers are a safe, convenient and inexpensive way to get around the city. You pay in advance and at no extra cost. The shuttle service can be requested from any point in the city: hotel, shopping center, avenue or any other specific location. However, it is mainly used to move people from the airport to the hotel or vice versa, as it is when tourists are loaded with suitcases and most need this service for a quiet and comfortable trip. . Follow the article to learn more.

And if you plan to go there, don’t forget to also check out the essential tips to save a lot on your trip to Argentina. This is great advice, it is worth it and will save you a lot in planning your trip and your stay. Your trip to Argentina will be cheaper than you thought and you can enjoy your trip even more. Now see all about the transfer service in Mendoza.

  • Many times when we arrive at the airport of the city we are going on vacation we feel a bit confused about whether the taxis are reliable.
  • Whether they will charge too much and whether they will make the right trip to the city.
  • Hotel or destination.
  • With Transfer it is much easier.
  • Because you can plan everything in advance: choose the place of departure and the destination of the transfer.
  • Choose the ideal car for this transfer (taking into account the number of your luggage) and leave everything paid.
  • So when you arrive at Mendoza airport.
  • Just look for the person with the sign with your name on it and enjoy the trip to the hotel.
  • Another advantage is that if you are not fluent in the language.
  • You don’t even have to worry about explaining where you are going.
  • As the driver already knows the destination you booked on the site.
  • We can say that Transfer works as a kind of Uber for travelers.
  • With great quality and punctuality.

One piece of advice that we believe is important to give is that anyone who does not rent a car in Mendoza, the best way to get from the airport to the hotel, and vice versa, is the transfer, the transfer ends up being cheaper than the taxi. It is much safer, you do not have to queue and run the risk of wasting time looking for one, when we arrive at our destination, we have the luggage, we do not know the place and we want to save money by taking the Buses and trains can end up being a puzzle. We always prefer to guarantee an airport transfer and ensure a smooth and stress-free arrival at the hotel. And in many places in the world, airport taxis hit tourists a lot, and we didn’t like to experience that when it happened to us.

There is a very good website, the Transfer Researcher, which is the largest in the world, has the best transfer companies registered and looks for them all, managing to find the best prices, now we use it on all trips and we find it excellent, as registered companies must have a maximum rating, cars with at least 2 years of use and several other criteria that guarantee excellent service and a lot of security , simply indicate the airport you will arrive at, the destination and choose the best option and the type of car. They already give the price, the travel time and all the information. And the cancellation is free, so you don’t have a headache. Do you have one? Meet and greet ?, you put your name and when you arrive at the airport, there will be an employee with your name waiting for you and with everything ready, we found it much cheaper than taking a transfer to the airport and it was always very fast and easy, it is worth it if you do not opt for car rental.

When you open this Transfers Researcher website, you’ll have to choose where the driver will pick you up and then the destination you want to be taken to. With this you only have to choose the date and time you want to be picked up and indicate the number of passengers, the website also allows you to book the return trip, if any, so do you already have it?Back and forth? Reservado. Al click “Search”, the app will take a few seconds to find all the transfers for you. When you find it, a window will open with several cars and different categories: simple, luxurious, familiar, among others. On the side of each car there is information such as the number of bags allowed by the vehicle, the free cancellation, the price and other information, after choosing the car, simply enter your details and make the payment. that there is a field where you can ask the driver for something, for example, if you travel with children, you can write that you need a car seat for it.

Being able to use your cell phone in Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Argentina and around the world is great because it ends up being very useful. You can use tourist point and city apps, discount coupon apps, if you rent a car you save around 100 euros by not having to rent a GPS because you can use your phone, you can search for addresses and times of places, check the weather forecast to plan visits and of course be connected with everyone through the apps and post your photos of the trip to Argentina on social networks. If you wish, check out our tips for using your mobile phone at will in Argentina. It is super cheap and you can use your cell phone all day in Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Córdoba, Mendonza and anywhere else in Argentina and the world, if you travel to other countries on the same trip. And using the internet on your phone, you can search for everything related to the shuttle service in Mendoza while you are there.

Now that you’ve seen all about the shuttle service in Mendoza, a good tip for those traveling to Argentina to visit cities other than Buenos Aires is that, like sites, cities, natural parks, deserts, outlets and all attractions are a long way off. renting a car is a great option. Not to mention that with a car you can discover other cities of Argentina that are nearby, explore its paths that are beautiful and the landscapes and natural places along the way that are amazing. If you wish, learn all about car rental in Argentina here with amazing tips and how to get an amazing price using great price comparators.

A very important tip that we reinforce for all those who plan to travel outside Brazil is that they do not forget to take out international travel insurance, this is very important and no one should travel without one to avoid problems abroad. You know it’s very cheap, check out our article on international travel insurance for Argentina with everything you need to know about it, what are the best insurance and tips to make excellent insurance at an incredible price while you save a lot.

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