Jurer International Beach in Florian-polis

Discover the main information and the best tips on Praia de Jurer International in Florian-polis.See which path is easier and what to do there. Considered the most sophisticated destination on the island of Santa Catarina, Praia de Jurer International is located about 25 km from the center and has already become a must for those who visit the island.Beautiful and full of attractions, it is impossible to know and not love this special and paradisiacal corner.

Praia de Jurero Internacional is one of the first places on the list of the best beaches in Florianopolis.Very famous and sought after by all tourists, this paradise attracts all tastes and offers the best of Floripa.This beautiful beach, in fact, is it?Divided into two parts.On the right side, the city is popular with families and is surrounded by summer houses, hotels and hostels.On the left side is the region called Jurer International, where there is more activity.This is where the beach clubs and the epicenter of the island’s luxury are located.The beach began to have different names for each region after the neighborhood received a luxury development in the 1980s.In other words, the area, now known as Jurer International, is actually a super luxurious real estate development, where mansions with beautiful beaches and incredible tourist infrastructure are concentrated.

  • However.
  • Jurero Beach offers a unique setting.
  • No matter what area you stay in.
  • The beach has incredible infrastructure and offers rental points for chairs.
  • Umbrellas.
  • Food kiosks and several vendors along the vast strip of sand.
  • The sea.
  • On both sides.
  • Is also super cute!It is perfect for swimming and is not dangerous.
  • The waters are greenish and there are few waves.
  • In other words.
  • If you travel with children.
  • It’s definitely worth including this beautiful beach.
  • On your list of things to do with kids in Florian-polis.

At 3 km long and two beaches in one, it’s clear that the options for what to do there are countless !!!In the city of Praia de Jurero Internacional, there is the best of the excitement and hype of Floripa, this is the perfect place to enjoy the beach, flirt, meet nice people and have a good drink.Ideal destination also for those looking for a lot of luxury and sophistication.During the day, the sun loungers and sofas of beach club stopers such as Pacha, Posh, P12, Donna, among others, are the ideal places to sunbathe.On the beach, in high season, the places that are usually filled are the areas near the car parks.

For sports lovers, the calm sea is ideal for stand-up, windsurfing and much more, in addition, you can enjoy a pleasant boat ride or boat and, as the area has an incredible infrastructure, there are many things to visit outside the beach, as well as restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors, cafes, among others. Many of these bars and restaurants are concentrated along Avenida das Raias and in Jurer’s Open Shopping, one of Florian-polis’ coolest shopping malls for walking.The open-air shopping center is located on a promenade with shops of different segments and is ideal for the afternoon.

Enjoy your day at Praia de Jurer International and take a tour of the luxurious location.The streets of this region are home to large mansions with stunning gardens.The houses have no walls and you will want to walk outside the country.It’s definitely worth walking around to see the most expensive houses in the country.

And when it gets dark it still partyes in the beach clubs, at night the band plays on the dance floor of houses like Pacha, Café de La Musique, Posh, among others, one of the best known is the club stop 12, also called P12. The beach party has a totally cozy and festive atmosphere. There are swimming pools, puffs, terraces, tents and much more. And the good thing is that there are always DJs, bands and more.this area are more expensive, the best options for walking in Florian-polis are here.

The beach is located north of Florian-polis, about 25 km from the centre.To get there, you can choose to go by car, bus or taxi.To help you in this election, we’ve separated some very good tips.The taxi ride from the center will cost around 80 reais.This price can be calculated online on websites that calculate taxi fares in Florian-polis.The cost is very high due to distance, so be sure to use the calculator to see if it’s really worth taking a taxi because, depending on where you stay, the value will be even higher.

The ability to use public transport can be a good way to save money, but in terms of comfort and agility, this is not the best option.To get to the beach of Jurero by bus, there are two options.take the line from the central terminal (TICEN) or the trindade district terminal (TITRI) to Lisbon’s Santo Anténio Terminal (TISAN) and, upon arrival in Lisbon’s Santo Antinio, take another bus to Jurer.The second option is to take an executive bus, which departs from the Florian-polis city terminal in the center.This bus, although the fares are more expensive than the regular bus, goes straight to Jurer and is also more comfortable.

Finally, the last option is to drive alone, in our opinion this is the best way to go to the beach of Jurero, as well as to tour the island, for this you can see more car rental tips at the end of this You will surely not regret it!The road to the beach is by the SC-401 road, which connects the center with the neighborhoods and beaches of the north, the whole route is super quiet and very well signposted, with many So don’t worry, make no mistake, along the road you will find a sign indicating access to the districts of Jurero and Daniela , passing the level over the SC-401, take another stretch along the SC-402 to a roundabout that will have two options, the right for those who go to Jurer’s Traditional and the left, for Jurer International and Daniela, if you choose the exit on the right head to Jurer’s Traditional and you want to go the other way, don’t worry, because there is another access to Jurer International.

Agora que você já viu tudo sobre a Praia de Jurerê Internacional em Florianópolis, saiba que alugar um carro é uma ótima opção para aproveitar melhor sua viagem, mesmo se onde você for ficar em Florianópolis for uma região bem localizada. Com o carro você pode ir conhecer praias lindas que são mais afastadas, explorar melhor a cidade e ter liberdade para fazer o que quiser a hora que quiser. Veja as dicas para alugar um carro pelo melhor preço em Florianópolis.

The first tip is to book as soon as possible over the Internet.Like hotels in the best locations in Florian-polis, the sooner you book, the less you’ll pay.

Look a lot at all Florian-polis car rental companies to find the best price, there are car price comparators that are great and do all this work for you, finding amazing prices.In a matter of seconds you will have on your screen all the car rental options in the best companies and simply choose the cheapest, these are the two comparators that we always use and are the best in the world, use both and see which one has the best price, to save even more.

Prefer larger and more reliable companies like Alamo, Localiza, National, Hertz, Dollar, Budget and Avis.They are reliable and no matter where you stay in Florianopolis, you will always have one close to you and at all airports.

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